The mission of the Inspectorate for the Preparation and Certification of Seafarers is to accomplish the tasks assigned to represent and protect the interests of Ukraine in the issues of training, assessment and certification of seafarers; analysis of international and national experience in the field of training, assessment and competency and diploma of crew members; confirmation of the seafarers ‘qualification in the permanent state qualification commissions, as well as confirmation of the validity of the seafarers’ certificates certifying their qualification, as defined by the legislation.

In accordance with the tasks assigned:

  • establishes permanent state qualification commissions to confirm the qualifications of seafarers;
  • maintains a register of all documents issued in the territory of Ukraine which have expired or been extended or whose action has been suspended, or which have been annulled or declared lost or destroyed, and maintains a register of issued permits;
  • confirms the validity of the documents;
  • at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, reviews draft normative acts, standards, training programs and other documents on the preparation, assessment of competence and certification of seafarers, provides its comments and proposals to them;
  • prepares and publishes analytical, reference, information, training, methodological, popular science and other materials on the training, assessment of competence and diploma of seafarers;
  • at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine organizes research and methodological work on improving the national system of training, assessment of competence and diploma of seafarers. Participates in their implementation.